Millie Bobby Brown Performs with Maroon5 for an Epic Surprise Performance!

Millie Bobby Brown gave Maroon5 fans the ultimate surprise on Sunday when she took the stage during their Nashville show to perform Cardi B’s rap part in the hit song “Girls Like You.”

The Strange Things star showed off her skills by rapping Cardi B’s part of the song. The 14 year old actress didn’t miss a beat at all and it made The Bridgestone Arena crowd go crazy! Adam Levine gave the actress a high five after her epic performance.

Brown posted a video of the spectacular moment on Instagram.

Brown then went more in depth about the performance on her Instagram story.

“It was such an amazing night,” she said. “It was such incredible people and such good friends and, you know, truly family. It’s such an honor to be on stage with such talented human beings.”

The young actress revealed she “was not nervous” about her performance at all.

“In fact, I was so comfortable,” she said. “It was so insane. It was so fantastic, and I had such an amazing time.”

It also looks like she isn’t getting tired of the experience, in fact she might do it again, she said “Imma do that again sometime.”

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Written by Will Heffernan