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Miranda Writes Premieres her Latest Single, ‘F@#$ Around’

Miranda Writes premieres “F@#$ Around” on CelebMix. It’s a scorcher.

Miranda Writes is a New York MC who is making waves in hip-hop’s vast and teeming ocean with her engaging personality and steady output of scintillating hip-hop.

Writes first came onto the scene with traditional rap music, edgy lyrics, and thought-provoking material. Since then, her sound has evolved, expanding in innovative directions, without ever losing focus on dexterous lyricism.

Her latest single, “F@#$ Around,” shows the veteran MC gaining confidence and asserting herself in a manner previously absent. Rather than pull back and let bygones be bygones, she ignites the torch of riposte and unleashes fiery darts of vituperation.

Miranda’s prior release, “Too Blessed,” was a contagious hip-hop tune demonstrating Writes’ talent for lyrics, cadence, and potent delivery. Rapping and singing over a pop-infused rap beat, Miranda expressed her disappointment for those who switched up on her. Then when she hit it big, they pretended like they were BFF.

“F@#$ Around” finds Writes in a dark place, yet still manages to transport her excellent vocal ability and polished eloquence to the forefront. No longer does she possess any sympathy for those who turned on her. Writes goes into all-out attack mode, hurling lyrical shots towards anyone that wronged her. Writes effortlessly rides the potent groove and, at the same time, completely disrespects the opposition, calling them “clowns,” and “lame,” warning them not to cross her.

With “F@#$ Around,” Miranda Writes struts her literary prowess, as well as her knack for captivating rhythm. She doesn’t just bring the heat. She’s packing a flamethrower on this tune.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.