MKTO release ‘Superstitious’ video

MKTO have finally dropped the music video for ‘Superstitious’.

Having released the track back in May, fans have been eagerly awaiting the accompanying video. Released today, it’s safe to say that Malcolm and Tony have delivered a humorous visual with a cluster of good and bad supernatural causalities!

The video starts with a news bulletin called ‘MKT Who?’, where a newsreader claims that they started to suffer from a lot of bad luck following the release of ‘Superstitious’. A combination of Tony flashing at the Grammys, Malcolm’s incident with the Pope and their world tour cancelled due to their manager sees the guys disappear from the face of the earth where the media is concerned. We see them living new lives as Uber drivers.

They pick up two girls and seem to hit it off with them, even when showing off their musical past. The guys’ luck seems to be turning, that is until they swerve to miss a black cat and end up with a flat tyre.

Malcolm and Tony pick themselves up with a fortune cookie which tells them ‘Don’t Give Up’. As they continue their search for the girls, they pick up a penny which is sure to give them all the luck in the world, right?

With the girls in sight, the guys walk under a ladder and end up undoing all of their good work – check out the video below to see the outcome!

Talking about the inspiration behind the song. Tony told Teen Vogue: “I met this girl that I really liked one night and I didn’t want to mess it up. I’ve never been superstitious until I met her but all of sudden I found myself so aware of everything.”

The ‘Superstitious’ video perfectly captures the essence of the song and also displays MKTO’s fun, goofy side. It was well worth the wait and we think that the song and video shows the guys at their very best. There’s no need to cross fingers, we’re sure the visual will give the song the chart boost it deserves.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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