MkX Releases Music Video for “One Sided Love”

MkX Releases Music Video for “One Sided Love”

Lots of people say they wanted to be a musician since they were a kid, but not MkX. He prefers to tell people that he’s been at it since he popped out of the womb. Before officially emerging as a solo artist, MkX was on tour opening for Ariana Grande and hitting the road with Christina Perri. Now, this multi-talented vocalist, songwriter and producer from Boston is dropping his latest track, “One Sided Love.”

With “One Sided Love”, MkX wanted to create a song that reflected what he was going though. He wrote about the emotional roller-coaster of being immersed in unrequited love, as heard in lyrics like, “Slam the brakes, so my heart don’t break…” Yet only hope is to “play hard to get to be your lover/thought I was close but I overshot.”

“As a longtime pop super fan myself, I know how important it is as a listener to be able to connect with what the artist is saying. Lyrically, the song is like an inner-monologue of over-analyzing and being a bit paranoid. It’s a balance between something that’s not the most fun thing people deal with in everyday life, and an anthem quality that makes it engaging, like hey, we’re all going through this so we can vibe on it together,” says MkX.

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Like many musicians, music was MkX’s form of self-expression. Things weren’t always great for him. As he was trying to start his journey, he felt like his identity disappeared due to all of the judgement he had to face. It was a painful time where he lost his confidence.

“The ‘X’ in my name represents self-expression through art,” says MkX. “I used to be very self-conscious of what people thought of me. It affected how I acted, wrote music, and lived my life. I decided to create a character that embodied everything I wanted to be as a person.”

As MkX, he created a persona that represented the best version of myself, which led him to becoming the person that he wanted to be.

“I want people to use my music to bring out their inner confidence,” says MkX. I want my music to change the way people carry themselves. I want them to feel like a bad-ass as they walk down the street with my song playing through their headphones. I want to make people the best them they can be with my art.”

Although he is creating music, MkX is also studying electronic production and sound design at the famed Berklee College of Music. Between being talented, caring to still get an education, and having a kind heart, MkX is definitely an artist you need to check out.

Watch MkX’s video for his latest single, “One Sided Love”, below:

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