Mo_Ve explores long-distance love and overcoming its obstacles in “Sexy Talk”

Growing up in a post Soviet Union Russia, prolific electronic pop artist Mo_Ve experienced many gender inequalities. She observed women silenced for speaking candidly and is now using her platform to invoke change. Through her music she aims to empower other women to have a confident voice in society. 

Mo_Ve debut’s single “Sexy Talk” is self-assured, with no shortage of assertiveness and charisma. With warm, wistful vocals drifting atop snapping soundscapes, the shimmering track takes inspiration from her own beautiful and unique love story. The song illustrates to listeners that even with the odds stacked up against you, love can conquer all. 

Mo_Ve reveals, “It was a distant relationship, I’m from Russia, he is from Germany and we first met in Dubai.  It was a crazy passionate and unique connection, I had never felt before.  Only one thing that we had after our first meeting was chat and our “sexy talk.”

Singer-songwriter phenomenon Mo_Ve aka Olga Move, has attained success through her rich, smoky vocals and infectious melodies. Her father’s love for all things Jazz inspired Move to create a 10-piece band in Moscow that performed for millions. It was her adoration for pop music though, that sparked a fresh and exhilarating journey for the singer.

Nurturing a large and loyal fan base, her music has been making waves not only for its stunning sound, but also for its aid in liberating women to be more honest and outspoken. “My goal is to inspire women to be stronger and more independent and express their feelings. I think real women can speak her truth without having any worries about society, judgment and rules,” Mo_Ve admits.

Take a listen to Mo_Ve’s inspiring tale of victorious love and create your own incredible and enchanted love story. 

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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