Money away: Celebrities Who Lost a Fortune in a Casino

Throwing money away is a pretty common habit for some celebrities. That’s not surprising, so unexpected expenses won’t even make a dent in the budget of so rich people. Well, who of the famous actors or singers has a soft spot for gambling, including the table games, and why does online blackjack win the hearts of players even today?

Matt Damon

Have seen «Ocean’s Twelve» or enjoy «Saving Private Ryan» movie? Then you’ve definitely heard about Matt Damon.

This guy is famous not only for being a famous actor, but as a fan of gambling as well. Unbelievable, the film «Rounders» with his participation has shown a grain of truth. The man is really a risky player, so what else explains the fact that he has lost 25 thousand dollars in real life? The luck was definitely not on his side. 

Of course, he is not a regular gambler and his hobby can hardly be called an addiction. Perhaps, it was just a trick in order to get into character the best way. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

This proud owner of numerous awards in the world of movies also has a skeleton in his closet. One of the actor’s hobbies is playing table games. Some of his opponents state that he is unbelievably lucky, while the others say that Leo doesn’t focus on the game and can start playing without taking his headphones off.

Perhaps, the second ones are right, so one of such games has made this celebrity even more famous, but in a negative light. It’s about the game when the actor has lost 50 000 dollars.

But his fans don’t care about this accident, so in their hearts he is still young Jack Dawson from «Titanic» or a romantic guy from «Romeo + Juliet».

Gladys Knight

Singers also don’t lag behind. For example, Gladys is one of the controversial casino players. In a moment, she wins 60 000 dollars, and right in several minutes she loses the jackpot at the same establishment. And that’s not all. What happened that day?

  1. Gladys wins 60 000 dollars.
  2. She starts playing again and loses this sum.
  3. The woman feels bad and calls 911.
  4. While the rescuers are coming, she loses some more funds – 45 000 dollars.

That’s how celebrities are pulling away. One day, it has gone too far, so the addiction has forced the lady to go to rehab. Fortunately, now things are better and the singer assures that she will be back on the gambling scene.

Charles Barkley

Despite the strength of the will, sportsmen can also relax for a while. Charles Barkley has allowed himself a weakness that has resulted in 10 million dollars loss. Moreover, this basketball player isn’t going to stop, so winnings while his visits to Las Vegas also take place.

Well, why not? So Sir Charles is an 11-time NBA All-Star, 1-time member of the All-NBA Team, and the MVP of 1993 – he can afford it.

Andris Erglis

The story of this celebrity can be called the most dramatic one, so this Latvian singer has really big problems with self-control. Taking his parents’ divorce too personally, the man has started to play a lot. Perhaps, it was his way of forgetting things.  

Unfortunately, not all his games were lucky. Conversely, he has lost his house and is still paying the debts, living with his family in a rental apartment nowadays. Ironically, so the sums of his losses would be enough to buy a new flat.

Proceeding from the experience of these celebrities, you can sum up that this risky adventure can be rather unpredictable. Especially when players don’t know the time to quit. But if you still want to give it a try, no need to visit the expensive gambling houses like these celebrities did – online gambling will do as well. For example, Frank online casino welcomes new players at any time, gives bonuses and reminds them to play responsibly, of course. 

Written by Monella