Monti Releases Music Video For “Echo” Featuring Josh Stevens

Week-on-week we always publish articles on the best new music releases and their music videos; and, here is another one. Monti had teamed up with Josh Stevens for this incredibly catchy track, titled “Echo”. It also comes with a surprising and interesting music video, that you just have to watch.

The song itself is empowering and really makes the listeners hear the thought-provoking lyrics. It was released on 26 September 2017. Now, just over a month later, we have this awesome music video that definitely allows the viewers to see the song in a different light.

The music video was directed by Matt Champagne; whilst it stars fashion designer Reggie Snowden. Be prepared for this unique visual.

Watch Monti’s Music Video For “Echo” Featuring Josh Stevens Here:

The opening scenes see Reggie Snowden on a skateboard, which is clearly his chosen mode of transport. The next shot is of him ironing fabric, with words that introduce us to who he is. It says: “Reggie is an aspiring designer & full time fashion student from Los Angeles. We gave him $50 & a camera. Here’s what he did with it.”

He became a part of the video after meeting and designing outfits for Josh Stevens. We watch Reggie go about his life, being a fashion student whilst also juggling graveyard night shifts for work. It shows how far someone is willing to go to make a better life for themselves.

Full of inspiration, this song and music video is truly unforgettable. We urge you to stream the track on Spotify and continue watching this visual. We find something new and interesting every time we watch this.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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