Mood Killer wants you to join them as a “fleshy, throbbing blog” on fizzing single ‘Liquify’

“On the dancefloor, we’re just fleshy, throbbing blobs having a human experience”, Mood Killer elaborates about their latest supercharged electropop flick ‘Liquify’. 

Moving in the same circles as other genre-bending creators such as Dorian Electra and Weston Allen, both creative directors on ‘Liquify’, Mood Killer’s disorientating dark pop is everything you’d imagine it to be.

As the party sound of noughties LMFAO meets something from the 2020s we haven’t quite heard yet, ‘Liquify’ marks Mood Killer’s first release of 2019. Arriving today with a music video too, the artist performs in front of a suit-sporting crowd of professionals, encouraging them to ‘Liquify’.

“As a society, we all believe in mutual fictions. Ideas like gender, money, language, the sovereignty of nations have no physical basis in reality. Liquify is a radical call to dismantle those rigid divisions. On the dance floor all those social constructions melt away and we’re just fleshy, throbbing blobs having a human experience.”

“I’m constantly inspired by science, history and sociology, but I’m also fascinated with the aesthetics of these ideas as they appear in pop culture. I wanted to embody presentation aesthetics, The TED Talk being the most iconic example. I’m poking fun at the slick silicon valley performative solutionism that will supposedly save us, but I’m also poking fun at myself for consuming those very ideas with the same blind passion that I consume pop music.”

Having spent part of 2018 touring the U.S. and Europe alongside Dorian Electra and Charli XCX, as well as working with artists including Kim Petras, Allie X, Daya and Pussy Riot, Mood Killer is one of the names pushing a new pop attitude into the mainstream. What is for sure, is that if there’s one TED talk you attend this year, it’s Mood Killer’s ‘Liquify’ music video.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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