More Groundless Rumors About One Direction Permanently Disbanding Mean Absolutely Nothing At All

It seems that Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam and their supportive fans are plagued with a new set of rumors almost every day.  From headlines claiming One Direction had been falling apart for months prior to their hiatus to a deep rift between Louis and Harry making a reunion absolutely impossible, the media can’t stop talking about One Direction and how they’re just ‘never ever getting back together’.

Some sources have even been using a nice play on Taylor Swift lyrics while they’re at it… *yawn*.

This round of speculation began a few days ago with rumors from The Mirror that quoted a source from The Daily Star (link since deleted) that the lads are enjoying their new solo lives so much that they have no desire to reunite at all, and if it does happen, it won’t be on this side of 2020.  They also mention, more than once, that Louis and Harry aren’t on speaking terms after a fall out that a lot of sources seem to know about but never have details as to what went down.

They just speculate that the two weren’t talking at all towards near the end of their time together before the hiatus because their rift was so strong.

It’s obvious that Louis and Harry really hated spending time together in 2015…

A lot of UK news sources followed suit, reporting the news as fact without a credible source or base piece to base their claims off of.  Not long after reports initially broke, The Sun gave their journalism contribution to the rumors – filled with more false information that was actually laughable.

It was quoted that the lads announced they would be going on a one-year hiatus after the completion of their Up All Night tour last August – a few years late on that innit?  They also stated Harry’s new manager was a man by the name Jeffrey Azamoff, and well – we aren’t quite sure who that is, and that he’s out to make Harry the next Justin Timberlake.

In reality, One Direction did announce a hiatus (time unstated) in August of 2015 but the tidbit of information often left out is the multiple promises from the boys on a return in the future.  They were asked in almost every interview done during the promotion of Made In The AM if they planned to return and they all said yes.  This break is just necessary (and well deserved) time off – something they haven’t experienced in over five years.

It’s also important to remember that the lads DID specify that they’d use this time to work on solo projects too!  It seems, however, that those statements have been forgotten or shoved away for the “wow” and shock value any time Louis, Harry, Liam, or Niall does anything as an individual.  Being part of One Direction is an incredible honor for the boys, but being able to discover more about who they are as themselves is just as big of an honor and we look forward, as fans, to seeing what they all come up to on their own.

Plus, all we have to do is pull up one tweet from Louis and we know the heart of all of our boys; and that this team isn’t over yet – it’s only just begun.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.