Morgan’s Past Revealed In The Walking Dead

WARNING: SPOILERS! Do not read if you haven’t seen the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, unless you don’t care about having it spoiled for you.

In the newest episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” we thought we were going to find out what happened to our beloved Glenn, but no. First, we have to watch a full episode on Morgan’s past. I admit, I was sad that I would have to wait longer, but The Walking Dead never fails to make a good episode that would keep me on the edge of my seat.

The episode started off like a normal, average day; if killing Walkers (and the occasional human) is normal. Morgan’s way of surviving back then was sort of like “kill anything that moves” sort of thing. Keep in mind that this was shortly after Rick found him holed up in his hideout in season 3. Morgan was out, “clearing” (A.K.A KILLING ANYTHING THAT MOVED) when he stumbled upon a log cabin containing a goat in the yard and an extremely helpful, cheese-making man.

Of course, Morgan attempted to “clear” him, but was knocked out by the bald man. This man turned out to be Eastman, a former psychiatrist. Eastman took Morgan in and trained him to be a calm, against-killing-humans ninja.

As for the goat, all did not end up well for Tabitha. When Morgan and Eastman were out training, a Walker got to her before Morgan made it back. Also, before Tabitha died, Eastman died as well. He was bitten in the back attempting to help out Morgan, who was frozen after realizing the Walker was a man he had killed earlier that day.

Overall, this 90-minute episode filled in a lot of blank spots, and it did not fail to have just the perfect amount of heroism, death, and Walkers to create the perfect episode.

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Written by LaurenHauck