MOVIE REVIEW: Hubie Halloween’s Star Studded Cast Is The Perfect Way To Have a Good Laugh This Halloween

Happy Halloween, even though this years spooky holiday will be a little different, doesn’t mean there’s no way of celebrating. Adam Sandler just released his brand new Halloween Netflix movie, Hubie Halloween.

The movie revolves around this man-child Hubie Dubois who finds minor transgressions to report. He’s been picked on for his whole life, more or less. The movie takes place in Salem, MA, the unofficial capital of Halloween.

The movie is actually a really funny movie for the spooky season. You’ll find yourself laughing nearly every 5-10 minutes. There was some good physical comedy, slapstick comedy and amazing great one liners. Yes, there are some of those toilet humors in the movie but they’re easy to ignore to float over while still enjoying the comical movie. The voice was annoying as well that Sandler decided to play with his character Hubie.

From dodging eggs on a bike to getting hit in the head by tree branches, the movie is truly a unique halloween movie.

The true trick-or-treat in Hubie Halloween is its stacked cast — the film features countless familiar faces and unexpected cameos, from Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen to Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp, various former and current Saturday Night Live cast members (including Kenan Thompson, Maya Rudolph, and Tim Meadows) and Ben Stiller. 

You can watch the Halloween movie on Netflix now!

Written by Will Heffernan