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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘I Still Believe’ Will Make You Feel Hope and Make You Cry

DISCLAIMER: May include spoilers.

At CelebMix, we are always looking for movies to recommend to our readers, so when we received an invite to a special screening of the highly-anticipated movie I Still Believe at the AMC in Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, CA, we were ecstatic.

I Still Believe is based on the life of singer Jeremy Camp, and his first wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer shortly before the couple married in October 2000. In the film, Riverdale star KJ Apa takes on the lead role, while Britt Robertson portrays Henning. The film is named after one of Camp’s songs and tells the story of him meeting his wife while balancing his music career.

The film starts with Camp trying to kick off his music career at the same college that famous musician John Luke (Nathan Parsons) went to. When he arrives, he immediately goes to a show to try and meet Luke and get advice on how to make it in the industry. That’s where Camp meets Henning, who would later become his first wife. The story picks up and gets intense with many complications, leaving the viewer alternating between feelings of hope and sadness.

One of those complications is the couple finding out Henning has cancer, leading Camp to drop out of college to take care of her, reminding the viewer that life is so short, and how important it is to spend time with loved ones. Fans will leave the theater looking at life with a new lense and feeling grateful for everything they have. They’ll no doubt cry a few times throughout the film, whether it’s relating to losing someone they love, chasing their dreams and struggling while doing so, or just being uncertain about the future.

Although it’s heavily Christian-based, everyone – both religious and non-religious – will be able to relate to this movie and take away something from it.

Watch the trailer below.

Since movie theaters have shut down in many places around the world, I Still Believe will be coming to VOD starting March 27th, so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home!

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Written by Will Heffernan