Moxi Release New Single “Figures Bathed in Light”

Los Angeles based group Moxi has officially released a new single titled “Figures Bathed in Light,” which was written about a car crash the duo – Anna and Andy – experienced a few years ago. “It’s our take on the fragility of life,” they wrote in a social media post.

Listen to Moxi’s new single right here!

Moxi consists of Anna Toy on vocals, with Andy Toy on the keyboard. Their new single, “Figures Bathed in Light” comes from their upcoming EP of the same name, which is produced by Emmy Award-winning songwriter Bobby Hartry and mixed by Bryan Cook.

The EP will consist of six songs, all a result of a weekend-long writing retreat the duo took to a cabin in the Big Bear mountains. Those few days alone helped them think about their life-changing experiences, one being a near-fatal car crash. The incident was the inspiration behind their new single “Figures Bathed in Light.”

After surviving the accident, Anna and Andy felt a new sense of hope, and with it, the need to express that feeling through music. Anna says, “Our inspiration comes from a myriad of sources and ideas, but the underlying themes come from our emotional response to art and life experience”.

Andy explains, “Behind all the drifting soundscapes, I always build a violence and tension into the music, even if it’s not overtly present at first. He continues, “We bring all of these elements together in a way that is hopefully relatable and memorable because ultimately, we want people to feel understood through our music.”

Although the single debuted just a few days ago, today Moxi have shared a behind-the-scenes look of their upcoming music video for the song.

Moxi’s EP Figures Bathed In Light will be available on August 18th.

To find out more information about Moxi, visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as their official website.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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