Music Collaborations we Hope to Hear from Liam Payne

Liam Payne has officially announced he is working on a solo project. This has left fans speculating on the direction that he will take his music.  Will it be slow and smooth with an R&B sound? Will his songs have deep lyrics like what he’s written with One Direction?  Or will he surprise us all and go somewhere totally unexpected with his solo work?

The Future of Liam Payne 1

While we wait to see what’s in store, here are some noteworthy artists that we think Liam should collaborate with.

Frank Ocean

Frank released his first album in 2011. Fans are currently waiting on the release of his new album, Boys Don’t Cry. Frank and Liam would sound amazing together due to the fact that they have similar R&B vibes.

Tori Kelly

Tori caught the worlds’ attention with her song, Nobody Love. A duet between Tori and Liam would be powerful. Whether, it be a ballad or something more like No Air by Chris Brown and Jordan Sparks, it would definitely be something worth listening to.


Snakehips is an electronic duo. They started out in music making song remixes of artists like The Weeknd. They have collaborated with artists such as Tinashe, Chance the Rapper and Zayn Malik. Liam and Snakehips would also be a magical pair. Liam’s vocals matched up with the electronic beats that Snakehips would produce would be phenomenal.


Timberland has worked with artists like Justin Timberlake, Drake and Missy Elliott. Liam and Timberland would make a great team. As a result, they would produce a hit reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s Cry me a River. 

And last but not least:


Liam and Rihanna both have unique voices and putting them together would just be magical. Liam and Rihanna would remind listeners of another one of Rihanna’s collaborations, Stay with Mikky Ekko.

In addition to the collaborations Liam would be outstanding in, here are songs that he would sound amazing singing:

Justin Timberlake- Not a Bad Thing

Liam’s take on this song would sound just as good as the original. This song is also a style that would show off Liam’s vocals.

Nick Jonas- Chainsaw

Liam has proven he puts a lot of passion into his vocals which is why this song would be perfect for him. Liam also has a similar voice to Nick.

Ne-Yo – Sexy Love

Due to the smooth vibe of Liam’s voice, it would make a rather flawless transition to a song like this.

Michael Buble- End of May

This track would show off everything we love about Liam’s voice. Furthermore, Liam singing this song would be almost as perfect as Michael Buble.

And again last but not least:

Justin Timberlake – Drink You Away

Another Justin Timberlake song! You probably should have seen that coming. Liam seems like he would put out an album reminiscent of Justin Timberlake. It would be outstanding and his fans would love it.

In conclusion, follow Liam on Twitter to stay up to date with all his announcements on his upcoming solo project. You can also follow Liam on Instagram where he posts all his adorable selfies.

Also, are there any artists you think Liam should collaborate with?  What sort of sounds do you hope he brings to One Direction when the boys return after their hiatus?  Let us know who we missed and what you anticipate by tweeting us at @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix