Ashley Delima
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MUSIC PREMIERE | Ashley Delima drops hot new pop track, ‘Evolution’

Ashley Delima premieres “Evolution” today. The song follows her previous pop anthem, “Stay in America,” which established her as the voice and face of a generation of Dreamers.

Born in New Jersey, at the age of seven she returned to Brazil, where her parents lived. Later, when she was 17, she went back to New Jersey to live with her aunt, to pursue a better life. Overwhelmed by separation from her family, she sank into depression.  Attempting to alleviate their daughter’s depression, her parents chose to return to the U.S. Meeting her parents in Cancun, Ashley traveled with her mother, while her father traveled another route.

On their journey to the U.S., Ashley and her mother were incarcerated in detention centers and interrogated. Finally, they made it to the U.S. Meanwhile, her father was stopped in Arizona, placed in maximum security, and deported to Brazil.

“There were times,” says Ashley, “when I wondered, ‘Should I stop all this and just return to Brazil?’ But I know for now, it’s the right thing to stay and pursue my dreams.”

With her beau coup talents, including a gorgeously evocative voice, Delima’s success is axiomatic.

“Evolution” opens with a deep droning synth, followed by Delima’s haunting tones. Ramping up, the tune flows into a shimmering pop melody full of potent colors and sensuous flavors. Alluring textures of sonority, as well as scintillating vocal harmonies imbue the music with radiant depth and dimension.

Delima’s captivating voice exudes dark erotic filaments luminous with soaring hues balanced with iridescence and rich, simmering vibrancy. It’s a voice rife with magnetic timbres and spellbinding resonance. As marvelous as the melody is, it’s Delima’s passionate, hypnotic voice that locks the song down.

The lyrics of “Evolution” relate the inevitable downward spiral of a romantic relationship.

“What in the world was I thinking when I let you in my heart / You were just a phase.”

“Evolution” coruscates with dynamic stylish intensity, a cool sleek grace riding atop a proximate emerging melody full of opaque, buff momentum. Delima’s voice groans with voluptuous force that’s enthralling. Ashley Delima most assuredly has it going on.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.