Honest Men

MUSIC PREMIERE | Honest Men Release Mouthwatering Indie Rock

Honest Men premiere their self-titled EP today on CelebMix. The band’s sound blends ‘80s tinted synth-pop with heady indie rock. It’s an edgy sound full of gonzo energy and verve, sonic flamboyance, and contagious charm hard to resist. They don’t sound like Blink 182, but their music conveys the same thrilling dynamism, meaning it is lip-smacking good.

Hailing from Waco, Texas, Honest Men is made up of Seth Findley (vocals), Brooks Whitehurst (guitar), Zach Solomon (drums), and Nathan Wallace (bass). In 2016, they recorded their debut EP, Okay Dreamer, in Nashville, followed by performances throughout Texas, as well as opening for Smash Mouth, COIN, Colony House, Elephante, Kings Kaleidoscope, and others.

In 2018, Honest Men moved to Austin, Texas, where they began laying down tracks for their self-titled EP, which drops today, May 25. The band takes off on a national tour this coming fall. The tour begins on the Left Coast, so hopefully, if they hit Sacramento, or San Francisco, we’ll get to see them live.

The first of the four tracks on the EP is “Mad Love,” a throbbing, pulsing tune rife with beau coup hormonal energy and bright harmonic dynamics. Findley’s vocals are tailor-made for vibrant, mojo-filled indie rock. “Lose My Head” opens with a crisp drum beat flowing into an upbeat melody that ascends to shimmering levels. The rhythm vibrates with infectious palpitations, giving the tune a glistering exuberance. And Findley’s falsetto is deliciously pure, infusing the vocal harmonies with gratifying surfaces of sonority.

“I’m Okay” rides sparkling, spiffy g guitars and a cogent groove full of oomph. When the chorus kicks in, the music ramps-up with glorious intensity, filling the air with glittering waves of sound. Findley’s delivery is tight and brisk, yet smooth and rich. “Rose” slows things down, oozing gorgeous wistful colors, as Findley’s tender tones relate how he fell in love. Shot through with myriad scintillating points of luminescence, “Rose” is a beautiful love song.

“Lacey Lake” merges synths, guitars and brawny rhythmic components into a tune teeming with luminous flavors and expansive ebullience. “Sam” streams undulating filaments of color across a supercharged flow of elegant radiance.

Honest Men is grand! The music is rocket-tight, emanating muscular residual energy, while Findley’s bespoke voice gives the tunes a textured frisson that’s lavishly engaging. This is a band headed for big time success.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.