Music Premiere: Jenna Lotti Unveils New Single “Hands”

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Jenna Lotti introduces her brand-new song, “Hands,” the first single from her upcoming EP.

Talking about the inspiration for “Hands,” Jenna shares, “One day while I was in therapy, my therapist said ‘You are outsourcing your happiness.’ Meaning, I was basing my happiness on external validation. I was so taken aback by how right she was and started to notice I was doing this in almost all aspects of my life. I went to the studio later that day and told my co-writer, Michael Blum, about it. I started singing the melody to the chorus and the song came together quite fast after that. The song starts off talking about how I’ve been living in this cycle of focusing on all the right things to help my mental health but then I always fall back into old habits. Then the chorus kind of takes you through the specifics of that cycle. The end of the chorus lyric is ‘If I can’t love myself for who I am, I’ll put my happiness in someone else’s hands.’ This means if I’m not truly happy from within, then my happiness comes from other people’s opinions of me.”

As a teenager, Jenna began channeling her emotions through writing poetry, which she later turned into songs. After living, touring, and releasing music on the East Coast, Jenna took a leap of faith and relocated to the West Coast, in Los Angeles.

Jenna appeared in the second season of NBC’s Songland, where she pitched her song to Julia Michaels. In 2020, her song “Fake Id” won ASCAP’s Peggy Lee Songwriter Award. Along with sharing the stage with Dan + Shay, Barns Courtney, and Hunter Hayes, Jenna has been featured in elite media outlets, including Billboard.

“Hands” opens on an eloquent piano topped by Jenna’s evocative voice. A measured rhythm infuses the tune with a musing cadence as tender, gleaming leitmotifs give the harmonics a delicious gliding flow. Together, the alluring music and Jenna’s bewitching vocals imbue the song with sensitive charisma.

Highlighted by the luscious timbres of Jenna Lotti’s exquisitely nuanced voice, “Hands” is at once intimate and captivating.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.