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Music Premiere: Pepper Gomez Releases ‘Libertad the Remixes’

House vocalist Pepper Gomez teamed up Carpente and Tacboy to release the poignant single/music video, “Libertad,” not long ago.

The Spanish word for ‘Liberty,’ “Libertad’s” genesis, unlike most songs, began in a bathtub when Pepper experienced an epiphany, followed by lyrics and a vocal melody which she recorded in her phone. Sending the track to Carpente, he created the musical medium. The ET Boys’ Tacboy was invited to add the male vocals, while Pepper provided the female vocals.

At Pepper’s behest, Hippie Dom fashioned an austere, minimalistic video that captured the dirge-like aspect of the song, which is a lament for freedom.

Pepper explains, “In a time where we are watching freedoms and rights reduced before our very eyes, ‘Libertad’ cries, ‘Where did you go? Do you feel like coming home? I wanna make you feel free.’  The male and female interplay underlines the painful need to never stop the work we must do and fight for in the area of human rights and Liberty.”

The founder and CEO of Wake Up! Music Group, Pepper Gomez is fond of remixes. Pepper sent the track to DJs, Tweaka Turner of House of Pride Radio fame, and Chicago DJ Tommy Libra, to see if they could “do” something with it. Prepared for any answer, Pepper instead was filled with glee as they over-delivered with fire remixes that elevated “Libertad” to celestial heights.

Encompassing seven tracks, including the original rendering of “Libertad,” highlights on Libertad the Remixes include Tweaka Turner’s Club Mix of “Libertad” which features a percussive heavy intro, followed by deep burbling and sparkling leitmotifs, intertwining into a dazzling mandala of color. Tacboy’s vocals, slightly filtered, are extended, imbuing the lyrics with overt sensuality, while Pepper’s dreamy, voluptuous voice adds smoldering, yearning tangs.

“Make me feel free / Can you make me feel make me feel make me feel free / Free.”

Tommy Libra’s More Booty Club Mix opens on hand claps and a hissing high-hat, followed by a thumping kick-drum and fat, pulsating bassline. Throbbing with subdued energy, the harmonics ripple with delicious waves of seething sound as the voices of Tacboy and Pepper float amid the sonic textures.

Dub remixes by Tweaka Turner and Tommy Libra, offer stripped-down, impressive versions of “Libertad.”

With Libertad the Remixes, Pepper Gomez, Carpente, Tacboy, Tweaka Turner, and Tommy Libra display their enormous talents.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.