Music Review | Kaz Bielinski – ‘Tell Me True’ Emanates Dazzling Retro Colors

Kaz Bielinski recently dropped a new single, called “Tell Me True.” According to Bielinski, the song is “A composite of a couple of women I knew.  One I dated for quite a while but we never seemed to get to an emotional intimacy.  Another said she loved me but had some anger management issues.  Things seemed to be going great and then she would really loose it over some small issue. Both of those relationships were hard to leave.  I think the song reflects that.”

An L.A. native, Bielinski grew up lip-synching to the Beatles. As soon as he got a guitar and a piano, he began writing original songs. Later while in middle school, he put together a band, called The Illusions. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in political science, he drove a cab for seven years, all the while writing songs and trying to land a recording contract. Cab driving was followed by almost two decades in IT and, later, a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

But his love for music glowed strong. He never stopped writing and performing. And it paid off, as he is now a fixture in the Top 20 on the Adult Contemporary charts.

“Tell Me True” rides a cogent pop-rock melody with a retro filament running through it. Shimmering Orbin-esque guitars travel atop a swashbuckling piano, giving the tune a vaguely British Invasion flavor. I love the descending runs on the guitar, as the persuasive rhythm from the crisp drums and rousing bassline provide impetus and beau coup oomph.

Bielinski’s dulcet tenor is easy to listen to, radiating infectious timbres and a breezy sonic energy. His passionate delivery never sounds forced, resulting in creamy smooth phrasing.

With its upbeat harmonics and contagious rhythm, “Tell Me True” offers a modern take on the retro sound of the ‘60s. Tantalizing melodic wisps imbue the tune with an elusive familiarity. If you’re into scrumptious pop-rock, “Tell Me True” is just what the doctor ordered.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.