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MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE | Bumpus Releases Rough and Ready ‘Already Mine’

Today marks the premiere of a new, stripped-down music video from Bumpus. It’s from the band’s recently dropped Way Down Deep EP.

Hailing from Chicago, Bumpus delivers brawny Windy City funk, soul, and R&B. The band was formed by James Johnston, who was in the middle of a project called Dance Floor Plans, when he developed vocal chord polyps. Rather than surrendering, Johnston simply changed direction.

The change in direction bolstered Bumpus’ sound, putting the potent vocals of Tina M. Howell in the forefront. Backed by the talents of Ava Fain, Brad MacDonald, Kyle Meyers, Zack Marks, James Johnston, Ethan Bulak, Jeff Livorsi, and Corbin Andrick, Howell’s blistering tones have taken Bumpus to new heights.

Opening with a sticky, funky acoustic guitar, “Already Mine” sets the sonic stage for what’s to come. Snapping fingers and handclaps provide the percussion, as the wail of the horns adds pyrotechnic accents. A cool, stylish duet imbues the tune with passionately textured energy. And then Howell’s scorching tones take command, as she cuts loose with implacable force. When she growls out “already mine,” it sends shivers up and down your spine.

A vocal solo, full of baking harmonies, accompanied by handclaps imbues the song with austere vitality that ramp up when Howell’s sizzling tones rocket into a red-hot feline snarl.

The unrefined, unprocessed, organic sound is raw, but oh so effective. And the video, shot next to crashing waves, as the band stands on a rocky outcrop embellishes the feel and mood of uncooked music.

“Already Mine” is muscular Chicago funk, tasty and delivered with verve. Untouched by sonic manipulation, the depth, clarity, and Jovian might of Bumpus leaps to the forefront. This is music with a visceral wallop.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.