Myleene Klass jokes about releasing world’s largest crab on Hampstead Heath

After Myleene returned from the Pacific Island of Mogmog for a new TV show, she unwittingly brought back a very large visitor. Somehow a coconut crab was in her suitcase, a crab which can grow up to 4kg.

Myleene joked that she had released it on to Hampstead Heath which has upset a lot of eco-friendly people.

Myleene said: ‘I don’t know if somebody packed this or what in my bag when I got home there was a giant crab. They must be hardy these crabs, it made it all the way back. I kept thinking I’ve got to let this crab go free because it is not very happy here in Highgate.’

It was later revealed that the crab in question had actually died and so posed no real threat to the local environment.

Written by CelebMix