MyLifeasEva’s Top 10 Videos of 2015

Eva Gutowski is a 21 year old YouTube sensation known for her channel ‘MyLifeasEva.’ She has over 5 million subscribers and has ranked up over 34 million views since starting her channel in July 2011. She is well known for her beauty videos, but she has videos that range from comedy to lifestyle too. Eva also has a vlog channel that goes by the name of ‘Eva Marisol’ and that channel has over 744 thousand subscribers. Here are Eva’s top 10 videos of 2015!

10. Expectations Vs. Reality: The Last Day Of School

On May 20, 2015, Eva uploaded a video titled “Expectations Vs. Reality: The Last Day Of School.” In this video, Eva talks about how she has so many expectations for the last day of school, but she realized that those expectations never happen. To get her point across, Eva shows what people think happens on the last day of school vs what actually happens on the last day of school.

5,749,910 views | 295,660 likes | 4,025 dislikes

9. 10 Things To Know Before Prom 2015! Makeup, Date Life Hacks + More!

About a month before prom, Eva uploaded a video on April 8, 2015 telling you all the things you should know before your prom date! In this video, she talks about how to ask someone to prom, what workouts you can do, where to find your dress, and how to do your make up.

5,981,657 views | 286,792 likes | 3,290 dislikes


On September 25, 2015, Eva uploaded a video of her and one of her guy friends trying out some “girly” products. She explained that she got the idea because she did the same exact thing with one of her girl friends about a month before. The only difference was that they were girls trying out guy products, but this time it’s a guy trying out girl products!

6,295,568 views | 283,331 likes |3,086 dislikes


Eva uploaded a video titled “How To Annoy A Girl” on May 11, 2015. In this video, Eva talks about 10 things that annoys girls the most. Those things include humidity, spoiling shows, hair cuts, washing clothes, and much more!

6,331,468 views | 318,064 likes | 3,077 dislikes

6. How To Be A Girl

On June 29, 2015, Eva uploaded a video with tips on “How To Be A Girl.” In this video, Eva gives advice so you can reach your “maximum girl potential” because she doesn’t want you to fail like she did. She gives advice about periods, clothes, beauty products, and more.
6,331,238 views | 335,480 likes | 3,485 dislikes

5. High School Sleepovers Vs. Child Sleepovers!

Do you ever think about how much has changed since you were a child? Even about something as simple as sleepovers? Well on June 13, 2015, Eva uploaded a video titled “High School Sleepovers Vs. Child Sleepovers!” which is a video showing how different sleepovers are when you were a kid vs when you are a teenager.

7,959,469 views | 443,164 likes | 7,807 dislikes

4. My Realistic Morning Routine

There are tons of beauty gurus on YouTube who post video that aren’t very realistic. In Eva’s video “My Realistic Morning Routine” that was uploaded on July 11, 2015, Eva talks about how there are a lot of people who post unrealistic videos, so she decided to upload a video showing exactly how it is when she wakes up in the morning.

8,134,759 views | 368,922 likes | 6,329 dislikes

3. How to Survive High School: Your First Relationship!

“How to Survive High School: Your First Relationship!” was uploaded on September 21, 2015. When you read the title of the video, you most likely think the video is of Eva giving tips on how to deal with your first relationship, but that’s not exactly the case. The video is somewhat of a fun/parody video of Eva “dating” a guy named Jeremy, but he breaks up with her. After he breaks up with her, Eva is trying to deal with her heartbreak, but she’s not exactly doing it in the best way possible. Towards the end of the video, Eva completely changes her attitude about the break up and she explains how she survived it.

9,432,980 views | 354,387 likes | 6,312 dislikes

2. High School You Vs. Child You!

“High School You Vs. Child You!” is another one of Eva’s videos where she shows you how things have changed since she was a child. This video wasn’t focused on one thing particular, but it’s about a lot of things that are different from when you were a kid vs when you are a teenager.

14,205,090 views | 1,189,713 likes | 28,887 dislikes

1.Literally My Life (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Eva’s most popular video of 2015 was posted on April 16, 2015, and that video is the music video for her song “Literally My Life.” Speaking to SweetyHigh, Eva said, “The inspiration behind the song was seeing how now more than ever, people are so influenced by the internet! Whether it’s a photo of a cafe table filled with gorgeous foods, to a picture of a girl doing yoga on a beach. Sometimes it seems like w all need to do the things we see in these photos to be happy, but it’s nice to remind yourself that what you have right in front of you can be amazing, too. I think my viewers will really relate to the song!”

17,495,895 views | 633,155 likes | 15,783 dislikes

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