Nadine Coyle Has Released The Music Video For “Go To Work”

Released yesterday, Nadine Coyle totally brings it for this visual of her new song “Go To Work“. The song was originally released last week, with the ex-Girls Aloud member releasing snippets of the music video in promotion of the song. We have literally been gagging for this video.

We knew it would be good, but we had no idea. Nadine has been doing a whole lot of teasing for the past few weeks, and she definitely doesn’t disappoint. It has a posh and classy feel to the video whilst totally relating to the song.

It was directed by Sophia Ray, while the song itself was written by Sarah Thompson, Florrie Arnold, Brian Higgins, Keir MacCulloch, Kyle Mackenzie, Ben Taylor, Toby Scott, Kris Ryeland, and Nadine Coyle.

Watch Nadine Coyle’s Music Video For “Go To Work” Here:

Based in an office, Nadine is completely fierce; dressed in a red pantsuit that includes an off the shoulders jacket that suits her perfectly. She struts her way in, performing with a lot of focused energy. All business and party later, Nadine brings it, showing that she’s back in the music industry, and everyone better watch out.

That is totally the vibe we get from the song, which we can see getting more attention as the weeks go by. We’re sure the music video will help with promotion of the song. “Go To Work“, unfortunately, didn’t make the UK Chart Top 100, yesterday; however, we’re confident it’ll climb its way on there like so many hit singles in the past.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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