The name is Bond, Box office breaking Bond.


As peculiar and unusual it is for a movie to be released on a Monday, Spectre, the latest and so called, greatest Bond movie has just released and the rather early start has proven extremely lucky for the movie individually and also the entire franchise.

The film was set to release on Monday the 26th of October to co-ordinate with the beginning of the British half term with the intention to bring in more family viewers on the day of release and during the week and now that the film has a had a few days in cinemas, figures have been calculated and published showing that Spectre, earning £6.3 million on its first full day (Tuesday October the 27th), has beaten Skyfall, the previous James Bond film, in first day total earnings by £100 000.

Despite the impressive figures Spectre is gaining, the leading man, Daniel Craig has made it quite clear that he is not affected by the money what so ever, stating in an interview, “It’s not about the money for me.” None the less, the brilliant actor has brought in a lot praise and success for the whole Bond franchise despite the disagreement that was presented when it was first announced that Craig was to take on the role of James Bond in Casino Royale in 2006, as some fans thought he was too old and too blond for the role of Bond, however these views may have been buried after the release of Casino Royale as the worldwide box office total came to a brilliant $594,275,385, even though it seems quite a bit less when compared to Skyfall’s $1,110,526,981 which is currently predicted to be topped to Spectre.

With Spectre being Daniel Craig’s fourth Bond movie, speculation has begun on whether this will be his last. Whilst he has made clear that he enjoys portraying the role of bond, saying in an interview ”I love making these films.” he has also shown uncertainty when asked about returning for a fifth movie while making it quite clear that he has the rights to change his mind at any time especially since the cast and crew have said themselves that they do not want Craig gone. Barbara Broccoli has said that she will “figure something out,” in order to keep Daniel in the role.

The focus in the world of Bond right now is Spectre. With the movie being released in the United States of America on the 6th of November, high box office income, fabulous reviews and glowing praise for the cast and crew, a just a few things being anticipated


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