Names Kim & Kayne Should’ve Named Their Baby

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed a little boy into the world. He already has more money (and probably better eyebrows) than all of us combined. After some time, the couple announced their bouncing baby boy’s name is Saint. Saint. We like it…but here are other options:

Names that go great with “West”:

South West

East West

Due West

Miles West (FAV)

Go West

Celebrity type baby names:

Quiff West

Cinnabon West

Pineapple West

Enchilada West

Something with a “K”:

Karl West

Kyle West (why does that sound like a made up popstar in a Disney Channel original movie?!)

Kevin West

Kalvin West

Other options:

Robert West (after Kim’s daddy)

Ray West (after Kanye’s daddy)

Beyonce West

Regardless we wish the Kardashian-West family all the best always.

Written by CelebMix