Natalia Kills debuts soulful new song As Cruel Youth

We at CelebMix love nothing more than a good comeback and English pop-songstress Natalia Kills delivered just that the other day when she returned to the music scene under her brand new name Cruel Youth.

After successfully collaborating with other artists behind the scenes -she co-wrote a track on Madonna’s latest album “Rebel Heart” as well as the pop-tastic “Kiss It Better” which appeared on Rihanna’s “ANTI”- she now decided that it was time to present her own music to the mass.

In advance, Natalia Kills explained in an open letter- which she posted on her social media pages- that this new song  is “a musical love child created during a 3-month lock-in at [her] studio with [her] husband Willy Moon”. It was created after the whirlwind of a year she had last year, following the ups and downs of being part of the judging panel on the X-Factor (and later being replaced after an inappropriate comment) and her behind-the-scenes work on other artists’ music. In the letter, Kills mentions that “while working with such tenacious and outspoken artists, [she] found a sanctuary where [she] was allowed to sing the unspeakable”. Those experiences gave her the courage to venture into new areas, musically speaking.

“Mr. Watson”, the group’s first song, brilliantly showcases her courage for new things. This love song to her husband cleverly merges the new soulful direction Cruel Youth are taking with Kills’ previous synthpop roots. “Oh, Mr.Watson/ I’ve been cheating with you/ you are the only to fix the stupid sh*t I’ve been through”, the singer croons during the chorus over the sometimes glitchy yet always rhythmic beat. We are experiencing Natalia Kills as raw, emotional and honest as we have never done before on “Mr. Watson” and, to be honest, we could not be any more excited about this.

“Mr. Watson” is an ode to the good old days of smoky bars and jazz singers but also to one’s own vulnerability and love. We at CelebMix are definitely looking forward to the new songs of Cruel Youth.

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Written by Heiko

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