Natalie Alexander Releases “I Don’t Want to Catch my Breath”

You may recognize Natalie Alexander from her song “Cruel”, released earlier this year. Getting ready to release an EP, it was her debut single and the world’s first glimpse at her amazing talent. Her lyrics come straight from the heart, telling a story that audiences can relate to.

The self-titled EP dropped last month and since then, she’s been captivating audiences with her songs.When it comes to this release, there’s something there for everyone who has a passion for country music.

There are countless talented people in the world but what sets apart the best from the rest is artistry. There’s a song on my EP for every kind of 2017 country fan.

I Don’t Want to Catch My Breath” has been released as the second single from Natalie Alexander and last week, it debuted at #10 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart! Although this is only the beginning, we can’t wait to see (and hear) what comes next for her.

You can give the EP a listen on Spotify and Apple Music, or revisit our exclusive premiere of “Cruel” here!

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Written by Kath Jiang

Western University grad, music lover, and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.

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