Photo credit: Holly McCandless-Desmond

Natalie Shay explores the painful breakdown of friendships in her newest single, “The Edge”

Natalie Shay is a critically acclaimed pop artist, who also doubles as a multi-award-winning musician known for her explosive authentic, DIY performances and hypnotisingly-vibrant anthems. The North London-based artist – who has been featured on CelebMix in the past – has used her latest single to showcase how she is able to write relatable lyrics with ease, whilst touching on love, self-discovery and the everyday experiences of a twenty-something.

Natalie’s “The Edge” is an honest song about the painful breakdown and complete blow-up of a friendship she had with her former best friend.

“This is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever released, and as the feelings are still very raw, I’m hoping to find closure in this,” Natalie says about the release of her song. “Despite missing her and the good parts of the friendship so much, I know in order to still respect myself, I have to honour the power of an apology, and in this case, the lack thereof one.”

Staying true to her irresistible indie pop sound, “The Edge” shines with kaleidoscopic synths, a contagious beat and energetic melodies. Despite the song’s melancholy theme, sonically it’s the ultimate get-up-and-dance track, allowing you to lose yourself in the music.