Nathan Grisdale Releases New Single ‘Don’t Break My Heart’

Talented singer-songwriter Nathan Grisdale has released his new single ‘Don’t Break My Heart.’

Despite the single only being out for a few hours, the track is currently maintaining a Number 6 position in the singer-songwriter charts.

Nathan tweeted about the release of his new single, saying:

‘My new single is out right now!! Currently number 6 in the singer songwriter charts! Thanks guys keep pushing <3′ 

‘Don’t Break My Heart’ is a heartbreak type of song, however, it can be described as not being your typical heartbreak song. The song is upbeat throughout, telling the story of a cheater in a relationship and the waste of many memories shared together.

The track represents a new sound from Nathan Grisdale – a sound that is completely different to previous original material he has written and released. Some of his original tracks include ‘Only One,’ ‘Lone Soldier’ and ‘Start Again’ – to name only a few.

Fans of Nathan’s have been eagerly anticipating hearing new material from him, and the single has been extremely well received.

You can buy ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ from iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster