Nathan Sykes- Over and over again music video

On Monday I promised that I would carry on and tell you what happened after the Over And Over Again music video was played at the premiere sessions on Sunday (25th Oct). If you haven’t read that article already you might want to click here.

If you haven’t already seen Nathan Sykes music video got Over And Over Again we’ll provide you with the link so you can watch it as this article will contain spoilers!



So, the music starts off with Nathan sat at the piano and it’s all very lovely- fairy lights, love song, old lady. Old lady?! Yes, that’s right, an old lady. The old lady captures Nathans beautiful smile unlike no other.

The music video moves on and you see Nathan meet a beautiful young lady whilst at a party. For a second I must admit that I thought the shot where Nathan spots the girl was from one of The Wanted’s music videos as he was looking younger than usual!

Now, the video unfolds and you see the romance build between the girl and Nathan, setting many peoples relationship standards rather high! We see the couple on a boat and much to mamy people’s excitment we see Nathan looking rather wet after falling into the water! Next we get to see the big life changing step in their lives as Nathan proposes and, then come the scene we had all been waiting for; the ‘sexy’ scene. Now it only lasts a few moments but if you’ve been following The Wanted since the start you’ll know that you didn’t often see Nathan in limited clothing, so here’s a congratulations and a huge reassurance that you look fantastic Mr Sykes!

As the video goes on you see more and more of their relationship and slowly begin to realise that the old lady is the girl who Nathan falls in love with. Then it hits you, Nathan isn’t there as an old man, suddenly, as soon as you realise who she is, you see her crying at a grave and that’s when it clicks, Nathan isn’t there anymore, he’s passed away and you suddenly feel crushed and genuinely don’t think you could feel any more emotion the video concludes with the lady dying. Pass the tissue box around, we’ll need a few more.

So, back to the screening of the music video; Nathan revealed to us that he wrote the idea for the music video by himself as he wrote the song in November last year, so he was worried that if nobody liked the video it would all be down to him, he had no reason to fear, it is the most emotional music videos we have seen!

Nathan also revealed that although it is a personal song, it isn’t the most personals he’s wrote, he stated that it was on the same level as Show Me Love by The Wanted. We are going to have to wait until his debut album to hear the most personal songs (we cannot wait)!

Now, Nathan couldn’t stay in the cinema room to watch the video as he found it too emotional and makes him cry, especially the scenes in which the old lady is in. He also said that when he was filming the ‘sexy’ scene the majority of the camera team had to leave as he felt so awkward filming it! Bless!

We don’t know about you but we think this is one of the best music videos we’ve seen in a long, long time, could it be that it will hit some records? Who knows!

Written by CelebMix