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Naughty Boy Releases “One Chance To Dance” Video Featuring Joe Jonas

Naughty Boy and Joe Jonas (vocalist of DNCE) have teamed up to release “One Chance To Dance” and they’ve just released a heartfelt video for it too.

Both Naughty Boy and Joe have gained their own success with Naughty Boy having over 2.1 billion global streams and a number one with man of the moment Sam Smith in “La La La”. Whilst DNCE vocalist Joe is a Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum-selling artist. The duo have created a track perfect for playing everywhere from a club dancefloor to winters beach night. “One Chance To Dance” flaunts Joe’s strong vocals merged with soft drum rolls, catchy melodic synths and a nostalgic lyrical vibe. What’s not to love?

Directed by Zhang + Knight the video tells the story of two young girls in rural Vietnam hooked on cinema. Throughout they re-enact scenes from the films and dress up as characters they’ve seen on screen. We watch their confidence grow and their friendship blossom. Whilst learning new scenes together it’s hard to not become emotionally invested in this cute story. When running away to Hanoi, they see that they are unable to live a carefree life here unlike at home. Ultimately ending in them parting ways leading to their friendship drifting apart. The message is that as time passes friendships change and the real world takes over the make-believe fantasies you once had.

Naughty Boy has worked with a multitude of artists including the likes of Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, John Newman, Dua Lipa and Raye. We can’t wait to see who he works with next and what the follow-up to 2013 album Hotel Cabana brings.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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