Neerav Vadera launches new courses with G7FX for influencers and entertainment professionals 1

Neerav Vadera launches new courses with G7FX for influencers and entertainment professionals

Former trader Neerav Vadera has revealed his latest courses through G7FX to help people in entertainment find a new source of income. 

Having worked in London as a trader with Barclays Investment Bank and a number of financial institutions over the last 15 years, Neerav felt it was time to launch a new training programme for individuals seeking to change their income situation.

Following the impact of the pandemic, influencers as well as entertainment industry professionals faced a long period of uncertainty as theatres, cinemas and venues were closed. This led to many being put on the furlough scheme which is set to unwind this month, leaving up to 1 million people without a source of reliable income at the end of September. 

After a successful career in trading at top investment banks, Neerav Vadera decided to change his lifestyle, and chose to pursue his passion for the Forex and Futures market by going independent. This gave him the freedom to find a work-life balance, while pursuing his passion for trading in international markets. 

Recently, the trading expert designed several courses to help people find new financial revenue streams regardless of their background or previous experiences. Providing both a foundation and a Pro course, new traders and established pros have been able to benefit from accessing new knowledge to learn more about trading Forex, and how the markets work. 

For influencers that lost revenue due to a sudden global stoppage in travel through to entertainment professionals who couldn’t go to work, there’s been a need for alternative income streams to weather the storm. 

G7FX is built from the ground up with Neerav Vadera’s personal knowledge, market insights and expertise, that allows newcomers to find out more about how the markets work, what to trade in, and where they can make good returns. In the more advanced Pro course, G7FX goes into detail on market fundamentals, strategies and charts for people already investing in the global markets. 

Forex might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for people looking to explore an alternative revenue stream, there are a number of ways they can get started. With Neerav’s G7FX video courses and community, people are beginning to discover how they can supplement their income by trading. The trading expert also recently launched a YouTube channel to give people additional insights and tips. 

Although it’s always prudent to take financial advice before starting any professional trading, the course encourages students to use simulated money at first to understand more about how the market moves, what impacts price, and how global events can all be a factor. This approach has made the course more accessible to students just getting started and for those learning about pricing factors globally. Some traders have managed to earn considerable income through their investment portfolio, even to the point they’ve been able to change profession completely. This might not be the case for everyone, but it can certainly be a way forward if you’re not getting the kind of income you want. 

Due to the uncertainty for many professions, there’s been a big rise in digital course offerings in many fields, and with the shift to remote working, it’s never been easier to get started in an alternative profession, or to explore new ideas. 

Neerav Vadera became a private trader in the last several years having found the intense career path challenging, not to mention commuting every day along with thousands of passengers in the busy London transport network. So as a lifestyle choice, he chose to opt for a more flexible way of doing things rather than being stuck in a routine, and also having the health challenges that come with a fixed 9-5 job.

Over the years, he’s learned a great deal, and brought is insights from the traditional investment landscape to the private, remote trading world. This has allowed him to offer a course experience that includes knowledge from both perspectives, giving new traders and established professionals important market awareness, and actionable steps they can take once they’ve gone through the course modules. 

Neerav Vadera also saw how the pandemic was affecting people’s finances and disrupting the market as well for traders, and designed the courses to give people an awareness and mindset to be adaptive to global change. This has helped him in his private trading career, by observing trends and being on top of future opportunities that are just emerging. With industries going through big changes, there’s a lot of scope for savvy investors and curious minds to look at the financial opportunities ahead. 

Among some of the benefits of G7FX courses include a digital library of expert content, video lessons and course materials that break down Neerav’s knowledge from the investment banking world. Often, courses get too technical and are difficult to learn. With G7FX, Neerav Vadera has designed the materials in order to make them easy to understand, breaking down important steps within digestible lesson plans. 

For those professional traders, Neerav’s advanced programme dives into more technical areas including Standard DOMs, footprint charts, VWAP and volume profile. This complements the foundation course programme with specific modules catered to those who are already in trading, and want to get investment banking insights. This has also been developed to save people time that have chosen to go into trading full time but are not comfortable with going through the traditional corporate career, which can take years to do. Therefore, G7FX is helping people to get the knowledge insights more quickly, and wherever they are in the world so they can start remotely, and learn at their own pace. 

With any new profession, there is always going to be a learning curve, and each individual will have their strengths and weaknesses. But for those who are curious about trading Forex, or interested in getting a side income opportunity, G7FX aims to provide the stepping stone in order for people to get started. For those advanced traders, there are also invaluable insights that they can’t get from anywhere else. 

Have you considered exploring a career in trading or looking at building a part-time income? 

Financial disclaimer: Financial trading, including the use of leveraged products is extremely risky & can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Suitable advice should be obtained before starting any trading activity in the financial markets.

Written by CelebMix Newsroom