The Neighbourhood: Concert Review

On Monday, May 16, The Neighbourhood took to the stage at South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Texas to further their “NU WAVES” tour and continue promotion of their second studio album Wiped out! 

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Excited fans camped out all day for the highly anticipated show, and as soon as the doors opened it was a race to the stage. The show started with up-and-coming Texas born pop/hip-hop singer Kevin Abstract who put on a very interesting performance. Abstract took over the whole stage as he made use of people as props to bring an interesting twist to his act. Several individuals, including a “flag boy,” were present on stage to assist with his performance. Abstract’s performance was incredibly interactive and he definitely lived up to his name. Abstract even stood outside of the venue after the show to take pictures and talk with his fans.

Following Kevin Abstract, rap artist Amir Obe quickly came out and brought the crowd to life with his energetic personality. Obe sang a few of his own songs including “VIP” where he urged the crowd to dance along and interact with hand motions. Obe also performed several covers of popular rap songs from artists such as Drake. The crowd was very enthusiastic throughout his entire performance, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Finally, after what felt like forever, The Neighbourhood took the stage. (They had to wait on the overly excited Dallas crowd to settle down before beginning their show, which took longer than expected.) As the lights started flashing and the fans started screaming, Jesse Rutherford, Zachary Abels, Jeremy Freedman, Michael Margott, and Brandon Fried emerged. The band started off strong playing “Greetings from California” followed by “Prey,” and they never lost momentum after that.

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The show continued to surpass the expectations of fans as lead singer Jesse Rutherford exhibited his totally uncoordinated but nevertheless perfect dance moves and outstanding vocals. Rutherford seemed to sway and twirl along flawlessly to every song and his many note changes excited everyone. The bright flashing lights and smoky setting only adding to the already great environment. To top it off, Rutherford couldn’t help but make the crowd giggle and squeal as he playfully took a bra that was tossed on stage and sat it on his head while continuing his performance. Rutherford was constantly interacting with his fellow band members making fans swoon, and he didn’t leave a single area of the stage untouched. Lead guitarist Zach Abels also made good use of his stage area, which really excited fans.

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The NBHD sang many new songs from their 2015 album Wiped Out!, including “Cry Baby,” “Daddy Issues,” “Baby Came Home,” and more. The band also threw in some old hits from their album I Love You including “Female Robbery,” “Let It Go,” “Afraid,” and of course, “Sweater Weather.” Fans sang along to every song at the top of their lungs as The Neighbourhood performed their hearts out. Rutherford made sure to interact with as many fans as possible while singing through hand grabs and heart-melting smiles that left the entire crowd screaming.

The band was extremely appreciative of the interactive Dallas crowd which really hyped up the atmosphere. We were all reeling throughout the entire performance and the volume of the crowd proved it. The amazing instrumentals, head-to-toe black outfits, outstanding live vocals and everything in between made for an unforgettable show, and we loved every minute of it! The Neighbourhood seemed to love it just as much as us, and Rutherford even posted several photos on Instagram of the concert.

We absolutely loved watching The Neighbourhood in Dallas, Texas and we definitely think they are a band you must see live! Have you seen The NBHD on their “NU WAVES” tour? If so, let us know what you thought by commenting below or tweeting us at @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix