Nelly Furtado Opens Up About Her Music Meltdown

Nelly Furtado has opened up about how the success of her early career brought her to tears whilst onstage.

Speaking on ITV’s Loose Women yesterday (April 12th), Furtado spoke of the moment it all became too much.

“It was at the height of my busyness.” Nelly said.

“I’d put out my third album and it did really well (2006’s ‘Loose’) and it was super exciting but at the same time I think I took too much on.”

“I was a Mother, on the road and I was trying to maintain a relationship and make music and it was just all a lot.”

Nelly went on to explain that although she likes to be on stage, she admits she is also quite shy, which can create some inner conflict.

“I need my quiet time, I mean it’s all about self care right? We have to find that balance in our lives.”

After taking some time out from the music industry, where she worked in a friends record store and at her daughters school library, Nelly is back with a brand new album, ‘The Ride’.

The record, Furtado’s sixth studio album, was released late last month and features the singles ‘Pipe Dreams’ and ‘Flatline’.

Released on her own record label, Nelstar Music, Nelly has worked with writers Mark Taylor, Jamie Scott and Paul Barry.

Grammy award winning songwriter and producer John Congleton serves as Executive Producer.

Check out the official music video for ‘Pipe Dreams’:

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Written by Philip Logan

Twitter & IG: @philip_logan