Neon Hitch Releases Lead Single Off Of Debut Album

The day has finally come, ladies and gentlemen.
The day that Neon Hitch fans have been waiting for for over four years now.
The day that marks the release date of her debut album’s lead single.

After a highly troublesome path — which included the split with her previous record company Warner Bros. because they kept pushing the release date of her record further back until Neon called it quits —, Neon Hitch took to the studio on her own. Powered by her fan label, WeRNeon, and thanks to a recent partnership with Kobalt Music, the singer-songwriter completed her first full length-album.

The highly anticipated beauty is titled “Anarchy” and was teased during the #RevealNeon campaign at the end of May. It is available for pre-order as of today and includes the lead single “Please”.

“Please” is probably one of the most touching and emotionally-charged songs Neon has ever released. Neon sings about the way her lover makes her feel. At the same time, she is begging him to love him for who she is, without judgement for the things she does or for the way she behaves. As if the lyrics weren’t a tear-jerker on their own, they are accompanied only by the dreamy-sounding notes of a keyboard. The simplicity of the music makes the song so much stronger as all the focus is now on Neon’s voice and her begging for acceptance by the person she loves. The song could easily have been on her dream-pop-influenced EP “Happy Neon” because of this musical direction.

If you want to, you can check out the song on Spotify, AppleMusic, and other streaming services on your own. You can also order it on the digital retailer of your choice. It is available with the album’s pre-order.

A sad side note: the keyboard which “Please” was written on, had to be discarded by Neon today. It accompanied her on all her journeys throughout the world and “Please” was it’s last creation.

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