Netflix Roulette: What to Watch When You Can’t Decide

Having lots to choose from is not always a good thing. When faced with a world of possibility, it’s hard to pin down one definitive direction. Everyone has had that excruciating moment when they finally get their well-deserved downtime, they sit in front of the TV and then watch their hours vanish as they try to decide between the endless list of TV shows and movies.

To counteract this, a trend has gone viral that makes the decision for you. Netflix roulette has arrived and is the answer to all your streaming dilemmas. Take a go on the game of chance and you might find the perfect evening’s entertainment.

What Is Roulette?

When it comes to finding hidden gems on Netflix, it pays to take a chance. Roulette holds an esteemed place in popular culture as the ultimate embodiment of this. Movies have been filmed about it and songs have been sung, as it encapsulates the zeitgeist of high risk and reward. 

Even its themes of risking everything on a choice, such as in the Matrix’s famous pill scene, get their inspiration from its red or black risk-taking. Unlike games that use skill, such as poker, people find the roulette wheel appealing because it fully relies on the nature of chance. Once you have made the bet, you then have to spin the wheel. After this, the rest is wholly down to chance. This makes it a perfect vehicle with which to decide on your evening’s viewing, either by getting bogged down in a series you force yourself to watch or by finding an amazing underrated movie that will have the whole office talking. 

What Are the Best Places to Play Netflix Roulette?

The best sites for Netflix roulette will usually give you some criteria to manipulate the outcome a little. If not, you may end up with something out of your comfort zone, or things that are not available in your territory. With just a few drop-down menus, many of these sites can offer you something to suit.

Reelgood has a remarkably simple but effective Netflix roulette game. You can decide between movies or TV shows. Desired ratings can be set based on the website’s rating system or ones from IMDB. This allows you to exclude a lot of the poor-quality movies that may appear on other generators.

You can also find another at Flixboss. However, this has fewer options, and it can provide some extremely obscure titles. While you have the choice between TV series or movies, other options are non-existent.

Can I Create My Own Netflix Roulette?

If you are the type of person who gets recommendations from friends, family and social media but quickly forgets them, making your own Netflix roulette is a great idea. When the time comes for TV, you can spin the wheel and decide on one of the many tips you have been given.

When you get a recommendation, note it down on your phone or a piece of paper. You can load it into a random generator when you get home. The one at Spin the Wheel lets you create one on your phone as you go, so you can input it as soon as you get a recommendation. All you then need to do is give the wheel a spin and one of your recommended shows will be decided.

Written by Monella