New Albums Coming Your Way – One Direction, Little Mix, and More

In case you haven’t realized, there is an incredible amount of new albums coming out before the year ends. So many, that it’s almost hard to keep track. Here is a list of some of the upcoming albums, all dated and prepared for you.

Revival – October 9th, 2015

Selena Gomez

We don’t have much time until Selena’s new album releases. It includes her hit single “Good For You”, as well as her new single “Me & the Rhythm”. If you preorder beforehand, you’ll get both of those songs, as well as “Same Old Love”.

Selena will be taking this album on tour, and dates have already been released for the United States and Canada. If you’d like to see everywhere she is going, you can click here.


Confident – October 16th, 2015

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s new photoshoot blew us away. Plus, add in her new song “Confident”; she’s really rocking it. She released “Cool for the Summer” a while back, and everyone is still raving about it. When you preorder her new album, you will get both of the songs mentioned above.

As of right now, Demi has no shows booked at the moment. Hopefully we will get some soon!


Sounds Good Feels Good – October 23rd, 2015

5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS’s first album definitely got them somewhere; “She Looks So Perfect” and “Amnesia” were both on the radios for months. After touring around the world with that album, as well as material from their EPs, they’re bringing out some new songs. “She’s Kinda Hot” gave us a new image of them, and “we are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene” has become their statement. We can’t get the entire experience of the broken scene until the end of the month, but if you preorder now, you’ll get “Money”, “Jet Black Heart”, “Fly Away”, and of course “She’s Kinda Hot”.

As of right now, no dates for an upcoming tour have been released. However, on their Twitter page, they told US fans that if they preordered their new CD through their website, they would get a presale code for the next tour’s tickets. A US tour has then been confirmed, but no venues have been. Hopefully they’ll be released soon, as well as dates outside of America.


Get Weird – November 6th, 2015

Little Mix

Recently, Little Mix has been taking the world by storm. They gave an outstanding performance at the iTunes Music Festival in London, and they just released a music video for their new song “Love Me Like You”. In about a month, you’ll be able to have Little Mix’s third album in your hands. If you preorder today, you’ll get “Love Me Like You”, their hit single “Black Magic”, as well as “Hair”.

Little Mix will be taking this album on tour, but currently only UK dates have been released for the months of March and April of next year. Let’s hope they take this tour out of the United Kingdom, and visit some other places as well!


Purpose – November 13th, 2015

Justin Bieber

“What Do You Mean” seemed to almost come out of nowhere. It has a brand new sound, some of the instruments borrowed from his song with Skrillex, “Where Are Ü Now”. Now’s he coming out with brand new music, which is sure to be just as fantastic. While it’s not available for preorder yet, Justin has been talking about it a lot on his Twitter page. Hopefully, a preorder option will be out soon.

Currently, there are no tour plans for Bieber. Of course, once the new music comes out, we’re sure we’ll get some dates.


Made in the A.M. – November 13th, 2015

One Direction

The boys never fail to impress us. After Zayn left, we all figured it was over. Yet here we are, new music on the way. “Drag Me Down”, released late at night in July without an announcement, instantly hit number one on the iTunes charts. It even broke a record. Since then, “Infinity” was also released, which also created an upstirring. When you preorder the album, you will get both songs that were listed.

As it’s already known, the boys will be going on hiatus during 2016, so no tour dates are currently scheduled. They are performing at some shows outside of a tour though, including some Jingle Balls in the US. They will also be having an intimate gig in London, which will be available for everyone to see a bit after it happens through Apple Music.


#5H2 – Unknown

Fifth Harmony

Not much has been said about Fifth Harmony’s second album, but that doesn’t mean excitement isn’t stirring. After their first album gave us hits like “Worth It” and “BO$$”, I’m thrilled to see what’s next. Will there be a new sound? Will the solos be better divided? Will there be some different genres mixed together?

As of now, the only tour scheduled is their European Reflection Tour. As this tour is rather soon, new music will probably not be seen at these shows.

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Written by Jessica Brown

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