New Ghostbusters Trailer released

Stop what you’re doing! The new Ghostbusters trailer has been released and you need to see it!
While the movie is still set in New York City and has all new ghosts, paranormal activity and a brand new all female ghost busting team, the new Ghostbusters movie still looks as inviting as the first. Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as leading ladies it can only be expected that this version will be just as funny as the last.
Jones plays a street smart character, Patty Tolan, who drives a hearse and has a heavy knowledge on NYC. McKinnon plays an engineering expert, Jillian Holtzman. She is hilarious without having to say a word, her facial expressions in the trailer are brilliant.McCarthy plays Abby Yates, a witty paranormal expert and Wiig plays the straight talking and ever-so-professional Erin Gilbert, Dr of Particle Physics.We also noticed a reappearance from Slimer!
The trailer starts off by saying “30 years ago… Four scientists saved New York” which leads most fans to believe that this Ghostbusters is not a reboot, but an unspoken sequel. While a lot of people take on the view that a classic should not be messed with for fear of destroying their love for the original, others feel that this is definitely a movie not to be missed and that a reboot isn’t so bad after all. The trailer has put a lot of people at ease about what the movie will be like, yet still leaving unanswered questions about the plot.
The Ghostbuster’s costumes are very similar to the costumes in the 1984 version but the equipment used looks to be a massive tech upgrade. The ghosts look better, and a little bit scarier in their mass gathering in Times Square and, of course, no Ghostbusters movie would be complete without a scene of people fleeing between traffic in New York.

Chris Hemsworth also stars in the new movie as receptionist, Kevin. Who you gonna call? Chris Hemsworth!
The Ghostbusters movie to due to be released in Summer 2016.
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Written by CelebMix