New HQ Pictures from Little Mix’s “Our World” Book

News that Little Mix will be releasing a new book called “Our World” dropped this past weekend on Twitter. Now, new photos of the girls for the book have surfaced online, and the excitement is real.

In case you missed it, the book is said to share “the girls’ innermost secrets- their hopes and dreams for the future, their families, their relationships, their style advice, and above all their friendship.” It is basically our guide to everything we need to know about Little Mix!

The book is now up for preorder on larger outlets, including Amazon and iBooks. The listing on Amazon provided some new pictures of the girls, and two short excerpts from Jade and Jesy’s chapters.

The three new group photos are each paired with the name of a Little Mix song. So far we have “The End”, “Change Your Life” and “DNA”. The girls are rocking a mostly monochromatic look with simple but glamorous hair and makeup.

As for the book cover photo, some mixers are noticing a trend in Little Mix’s photoshoots…

Along with the beautiful new pictures, we got our first taste of the writing in “Our World”. We got excerpts from Jesy and Jade’s chapters about themselves and their lives before the X-Factor. Jade talked about how she idolized her older brother, and Jesy told us about how she lived in 12 different houses as a child!

We’re also digging their signature quotes. Jade’s wisdom is “anyone can achieve their dreams if they have the courage to pursue them”. Jesy’s piece of advice is “be yourself and never try to change who you are. Everyone is different and if we all looked the same, the world would be boring.”

“Our World” is being released on October 20th. It is available for preorder on iBooks worldwide, and on Amazon UK. Look out for more updates on “Our World”, and perhaps an official announcement from the girls themselves!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.