New Music Friday: Celebrate ‘One of Them Nights’ With Bolier’s New Track

Bolier Single Cover
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Some people strike gold once in their whole lives. Others just seem to do it naturally all the time. Doubting it? Just ask Leon Bolier, the multifaceted Dutch DJ who quite literally struck Gold with a couple of songs, the one most known probably being his remix of Bob Marley’s classic track “Is This Love”. Fast forward to 100 million streams on just this one track and four placements in the Top 100 DJ Mag list, and you find yourself in the present day.

After being busy remixing songs in his signature sound and releasing music under his new moniker BLR, the Dutch DJ has decided to return to his roots in order to drop an original track. This new song is titled “One of Them Nights”, for which Bolier teamed up with female singer-songwriter Roya.

“One of Them Nights” Takes Bolier Into A New Musical Direction

In “One of Them Nights”, the DJ enters a new musical landscape. While his previous work was heavily influenced by trance music, this song actually goes the other way. “One of Them Nights” is a cute and very catchy urban pop song. Just a bit short of 3 minutes, it features everything you need in a poptastic release: distinct vocals, a memorable chorus that will get stuck in your head immediately and a melody which you can perfectly nod, snap your fingers, and dancing along to. Whether it’s in your car, your bed or at a party, this song will most definitely lift your mood.

Said project actually consists of a bundle of songs so it can fit every single one of your listening moods. Similar to Alan Walker, Bolier has not only released the radio-ready version of the song but he’s also given the track a spin of his own, under his second identity BLR. The trance-y underground remix is the perfect soundtrack for your night out and features Bolier’s signature basslines. There’s even an extended version of it, in case you want to really dig deep and get lost in the vibes.

Listen to the tracks yourself and celebrate ‘One Of Them Nights’ with us:

We personally cannot decide which version we prefer, can you?

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“One of them Nights” arrives via Tonspiel, the record label that also regularly brings you the latest music by German DJ Robin Schulz. The tracks are available on all digital distributors starting today.

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