New Music: Sam Tsui’s “Secret”

Our favorite Youtube artist Sam Tsui has just released a new, original song today! While the Youtuber has found fame through his unique mashups and covers on Youtube, we have to say that his original tracks showcase just how AMAZING his vocals are and how creative he is musically. “Secret” is the best.

The song begins with a sultry introduction before Sam’s upbeat lyrics about a great relationship. He sings about how “you and I we cracked the code / everybody wants to know the secret / how do we keep it so good.” With so many songs out there about the hardships and failures of relationships, it is refreshing to hear such an happy, catchy song about a successful one.

While we love Sam’s covers on his Youtube channel, we hope he continues releasing original tracks that are so well written and produced. With his stunning vocal range and his ability to flawlessly hit incredibly high notes, we are excited to see what he comes up with next!


Written by CelebMix