New Portals: The Dreamy Alt-Pop Duo

With their new single Skyline, Mike and Ruth Aicken (aka New Portals) are set to be the next stars in the Alternative- Pop music industry as they channel an otherworldly take on pop with a taste of hip-hop and a dash of indie music sentiments.

This duo from Belfast has already started making footprints in the music industry as they won over Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart with their irresistible harmonies in Skyline as well as their previous track, Do It Right.

They have already clocked up huge support on Spotify with over 11 Million streams in total with New Portals and their previous folk project, The Jepettos.

New Portal’s newest single delivers a certain sentimental vibe that will make you feel like you’re sitting by a window, contemplating about what life is while the rain is pouring hard outside.

It starts off with a bout of smooth and relaxing vocals courtesy of Mike and Ruth. It is immediately followed by a series of mild alt-pop beats accompanied by indie elements that build up to the more dramatic chorus where the rhythmic beat is emphasized the most.

The song may build up to a dramatic chorus but it never loses its relaxing and mellow atmosphere.

It is rather similar to their previous single Do It Right.

Skyline and Do It Right are similar in the vibe and atmosphere that they deliver but they differ in the overall beat and rhythm that these two singles have. Not to mention their respective music videos that are both simple yet fascinating.

These two songs should definitely be added to Spotify’s “The Indie Mix” playlist. We are surprised that they haven’t been added to it yet.

It featured a different side of New York City that is opposite to its buzzing nightlife. The calm in the streets where Ruth was walking definitely captured the relaxing mood of the song. The scene wherein they are aboard a boat while cruising around New York with the silhouettes of the city’s buildings in clear sight is one of our favourite moments in the music video.

There’s also the moment when a hand started drawing the outlines of the said buildings.

The whole music video contains elements that are different but fascinating. Some of the effects that it possesses is what you would expect from an indie music video but it still stands out in terms of how the scenes within the music video fits perfectly with the single and in the way that this duo films their videos.

It can be a little dizzying at first but as the video progresses, you will find yourself enchanted by the beautiful scenery featured as well as the rhythm and beat of the song itself.

All in all, Skyline is a great track accompanied by a greater music video. You should definitely check it out and witness for yourself the beauty of New Portal‘s music. Their harmonizing is fantastic and the way that they provide a mellow undertone to their songs is impressive.

Only good things are set to come for this duo and we can’t wait to hear more from them soon!

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Written by CelebMix