New series ‘Brotherhood’ premieres on Comedy Central!

Last night saw fresh series, ‘Brotherhood’, join the ranks of hilarious programmes that grace Comedy Central. The show stars Johnny Flynn and Ben Ashenden as newly-made surrogate parents to their younger brother Jamie (Scott Folan), after their mother’s untimely passing.

The premise itself is quite serious, but is executed with such comedic genius, whilst still leaving time for moments of true bonding between the three brothers. The laughs stem from the complete opposing personalities of the older siblings, Toby (Flynn) and Dan (Ashenden). Toby being the more laid back and care-free of the two, while Dan resembling the more parental figure desperately trying to keep his brothers in check.

It looks set to be a heart-warmingly, funny series filled with laughs, love and ludicrousness!

‘Brotherhood’ airs every Tuesday night, 9:30pm, on Comedy Central.

Written by CelebMix