Newcomer Maidin shares debut single “Celestial Body”

New Jersey based singer, songwriter and actress Maidin has just released her debut warm folk meets pop song “Celestial Body”. The pensive track is the first of a series of singles from this young artist.
With “Celestial Body”, Maidin explores the longing to be with someone when they are just out of reach. From being unavailable emotionally or physically, loving and craving someone who you can’t be with is a heart wrenching feeling. “Celestial Body” explores just this with delicate guitar picking under stunning vocals that are pleading, seductive and sullen. Sonically, the track fuses elements of pop, folk and soul all in a musical whirl of enchantment. Maidin often finds inspiration in nature confiding, “the first idea for ‘Celestial Body’ came to me on a beach in July, when the moon was out in the middle of the day. It’s a really unsettling thing to see, as I’m sure most people know. I started thinking of the image of a “celestial body” to represent somebody who I would’ve liked to be close with, but this person was keeping me at a distance. A celestial body is something beautiful, that you can admire and love from far away, but you can’t ever reach.”
Maidin is signed to Siri Music Group. Her knack for storytelling and ability to connect with listeners through her relatable lyrics and emotional delivery is rare and deeply remarkable. Take a listen to Maidin‘s “Celestial Body” now and tweet us @celebmix your thoughts.
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Written by LeahBlack

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