NFL Weekly Recap: Part 1

It’s that time of the year again, Football Season. NFL fans will be watching with eager excitement and now with CelebMix you can too! Weekly we will bring our readers up to date on the latest scores and standings of all NFL teams.

NFL Weekly Recap: Part 1 2

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  1. New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

Jets 37 (1-1)
Bills 31 (0-2)

The Jets wide receivers combined 364 yards for a tight win against the Bills.

Bills MVP: Tyrod Taylor
Jets MVP: Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. Baltimore Ravens at Clevland Browns

Ravens 25 (2-0)
Browns 20 (0-2)

Despite two interceptions thrown by the Ravens quarterback, they fought their way back from a 20 point deficit to gain 5 point lead.

Ravens MVP: Mike Wallace
Browns MVP: Alshon Jeffrey

  1. Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans

Chiefs 12 (1-1)

Texans 19 (2-0)

The Chiefs trailed behind the Texans for a better part of the game. A flopping call led to an even wider gap with the Texans achieving a filed goal to take them further to win the game.

Chiefs MVP: Tyreek Hill

Texans MVP: Nick Novak

  1. New Orleans Saints at New York Giants

Saints 13 (0-2)
Giants 16 (2-0)

The Giants defence kept the Saints at Bay for a tiny window of points to help them win the game.

Saints MVP: Drew Brees
Giants MVP: Victor Cruz

  1. Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins

Cowboys 27 (1-1)
Redskins 23 (0-2)

Despite two fumbles by the Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys went on to gain a healthy lead to beat the Redskins.

Cowboys MVP: Alfred Morris
Redskins MVP: Kirk Cousins

  1. Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams

Seahawks 3 (1-1)
Rams 9 (1-1)

With only one touchdown from the Seahawks and barely a running game, the win went to (shut-out only last week) LA Rams.

Seahawks MVP: Thomas Rawls
Rams MVP: Josh Forrest

7. Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders

Falcons 35 (1-1)
Raiders 28 (1-1)

With a tight defense and solid running game, the Falcons overcame the efforts of the Raiders for a solid win.

Falcons MVP: Devonta Freeman
Raiders MVP: Derek Carr

  1. Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Packers 14 (1-1)
Vikings 17 (2-0)

Tight defensive snaps from the Packers couldn’t keep the vikings from gaining those extra three points to win week 2.

Packers MVP: Aaron Rodgers
Vikings MVP: Sam Bradford

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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.