NFL Weekly Recap: Part Two

It’s that time of the year again, Football Season. NFL fans will be watching with eager excitement and now with CelebMix you can too! Weekly we will bring our readers up to date on the latest scores and standings of all NFL teams.

NFL Weekly Recap: Part Two 2






1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons

Buccaneers 31 (1-0)
Falcons 24 (0-1)

Tampa Bay’s quarterback Jameis Winston passed for 281 yards and threw four touchdown  passes to four different receivers. The Falcons were able to manage to trail the Bucs with only a few points behind during the first half but ultimately fell in the second half.

Tampa Bay MVP: Jameis Winston
Falcons MVP: Matt Ryan

2. Chicago Bears at Houston Texans

Chicago Bears 13 (0-1)
Houston Texans 23 (1-0)

The Texans wore down the Bears defense and continually sacked quarterback Jay Cutler five times. The Texans trailed in the first half before dominating the second half.

Bears MVP: Eddie Royal
Texans MVP: Will Fuller3. San Diego Chargers VS Kansas City Chiefs

3. San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

San Diego Chargers 27 (0-1)
Kansas City Chiefs 33 (1-0)

The Chargers had a solid early start but the Chiefs in last minute comeback took away the win with a touchdown.

Chargers MVP: Melvin Gordon
Chiefs MVP: Spencer Ware

4. Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets

Cincinnati Bengals 23 (1-0)
New York Jets 22 (0-1)

The Jets had a strong start with an interception and a touchdown in the first quarter but a failed field goal came back to haunt them. The Bengals with a last minute field goal and interceptions pushed them a point above the Jets.

Bengals MVP: A.J. Green
Jets MVP: Matt Forte

5. Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans

Minnesota Vikings 25 (1-0)
Tennessee Titans 15 (0-1)

The Vikings with clean passing and a better defense in the second half gained them a 10 point lead against the Titans.

Vikings MVP: Shaun Hill
Titans MVP: DeMarco Murray

6. New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants 20 (1-0)
Dallas Cowboys 19 (0-1)

A tight game from start to finish but the Giants holding onto a point pushed them above to win against the Cowboys.

Giants MVP: Victor Cruz
Cowboys MVP: Dak Prescott

7. New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals

New England Patriots 23 (1-0)
Arizona Cardinals 21 (0-1)

The Patriots repeating like pervious years had a late start which led to a late win. The Cardinals also missing a last minute field goal destroyed their chances.

Patriots MVP: Jimmy Garoppolo
Cardinals MVP: Chandler Jones

8. Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers

Los Angeles Rams 0 (0-1)
San Francisco 49ers 28 (1-0)

New to Los Angeles the Rams opened to a near-unprecedented shut out with the 49ers taking the win.

Rams MVP: Todd Gurley
49ers MVP: Shaun Draughn

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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

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