Nia Sioux Wins Best New Artist at the CelebMix Awards

You have been voting for your favourite new artist of 2016 at this year’s CelebMix Awards, and just like the song title of her newest song suggests, Nia Sioux is a winner.

Nia Sioux is a dancer and singer best known for being a cast member of ‘Dance Moms’. The 15-year-old is currently the only original team member of the Abby Lee Dance Company’s elite team to still be on the show. Over the years, Nia has proved that she is a skilled singer as well as being a talented dancer. The young star has inspired her fans with her strong mind and kind soul. She has been put down many times, even by people who were supposed to be on her side, but Nia has never let that drag her down. Like a phoenix, she has risen from the ashes and become an inspiring young lady with a promising career in both dance and music.

Congratulations Nia Sioux!

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Written by CelebMix