Niagara Moon Shares Whimsical New Single “Bad Vibes”

Taking influence from 60s psychedelic pop artists and the baroque classical genre, new artist Niagara Moon crafts a delicious and seductive sonic experience. In his latest single “Bad Vibes”, the artist takes his listeners on a victorious journey over false narratives. 

“Bad Vibes” is a “parody of paranoia. A satire of superstition. ‘Bad Vibes’ explores how fear can lead to consuming misinformation. Current events being what they are, there’s a lot to get spooked over. And certain circles of the internet can make things feel even worse. Ultimately, creativity and optimism win out over fear-mongering. This is all nothing new. We got this,” confides Niagara Moon.  The track features vivacious harpsichord, enchanting layered vocals and an infectious chorus. Sonically, “Bad Vibes” is a feel-good listening experience that contrasts brilliantly with the heavy subject matter. 

Niagara Moon began releasing signature lush indie pop songs in 2017. With a few albums under his belt, this prolific Massachusetts based songwriter is set to unveil his fourth studio album Good Dreams in the coming months. Listeners can expect a fanciful genre-blending full length filled with “Pet Sounds” inspired arrangements and attention-grabbing melodies. 

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast