Niall and Louis’ Epic Friendship

On more than one occasion during interviews that talk about how Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam act when they’re off stage one word comes up frequently for two of the boys.

The word: loud
The boys: Louis and Niall

Some people would argue that too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing at all; but when it comes to Louis and Niall, the similarities between them make a good thing a great thing.  Their friendship is definitely one of the most fun to look back at and to look forward to.  From the beginning it seemed like Niall and Louis got on well, always laughing at the other and seemingly being extremely comfortable with each other from the start – perhaps it was because their like personalities brought them closer together during a time when everything else was chaos.

Louis and Niall have given One Direction fans some incredible moments to look back on with a laugh or a smile – they’re sure a comedic pair.  As individuals they’re absolutely hilarious and when you put them together, the humor is unstoppable.  There have even been times during concerts that the two of them missed marks because they were too busy giggling at what the other one was doing!

In a lifestyle where Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam all were thrust into stardom and never really got to go home, a friend who makes you laugh is a friend who keeps you sane; Louis and Niall have definitely been that friend for one another.

While the humor in their relationship is important, the way they stick up for one another, support one another, and love one another is just as important and easy to see.  Louis and Niall look after one another as if they’re brothers, they always have.  It’s a protective side of Louis that comes out sometimes with Niall, and vice versa, and it’s a really sweet side of both of them to see.

Along with their funny moments and their protective ones; Niall and Louis also support each other during events for charity that the other is involved in.  We’ve seen Louis at Niall’s events, Niall at Louis’ and when they weren’t able to attend in person, they’ve donated items to be auctioned off in their absence.  Recently Niall donated items for Louis’ Believe In Magic charity event auction this summer.  It seems that what’s important to Louis means a lot to Niall too, and what Niall treasures – so does Louis.

While the One Direction hiatus will be lovely for each of the boys to experience, and they’ll be able to see who they’ve grown into as individuals, we’re sure Louis and Niall won’t be able to go a day or two without texting one another silly gifs, calling each other because they’re laughing too hard to reply, and meeting up for concerts, pints, and sport.

We love the relationship between these two – what a pair!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.