Niall Horan Graces the Cover of Today’s Golfer With a Smile

Not only has Niall Horan been traveling the world, writing songs, and relaxing with friends and family since One Direction has been on hiatus – he’s been spending a lot of time surrounded by all things golf.  From working with a golf management company to attending the Irish Open Pro-Am, we’ve seen a lot of Niall on the course, be it with the pros or just for fun, he’s passionate about the sport – and quite good at it!

With a wide smile on his face, standing next to professional golfer, and friend, Justin Rose – Niall looks confident and extremely happy on Today’s Golfer’s cover of The Cool Issue.

Niall Horan Graces the Cover of Today's Golfer With a Smile 1

While we haven’t read the issue yet ourselves, the cover quote is right on point – Niall, and Justin, are changing the game of golf.  People who are fans of Niall and One Direction have taken up an interest in golf where they may not have had one before, and let’s be honest, watching one of music’s biggest superstars take an interest in a sport is sure to make other people take an interest as well.

In addition to being seen on the course, working with a golf management agency, and attending golf matches – Niall took his passion for the sport and used it for good in 2016 alongside Justin Rose.  The pair had a gala and raised €735,000 through the gala dinner and PGA Championship for cancer research, it was truly inspiring.

Niall’s passion for golf isn’t something new, he frequently found time for himself on courses while on tour with One Direction to clear his head, but now that the lads are taking a break he’s been able to spend more time enjoying the sport instead of just trying to fit it in where he can.

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Written by Ashley

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